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Officials Allege Heroin Transported From Columbia To New Jersey

We’ve said it over and over; take your case seriously, because drug charges can result in severe penalties in New Jersey. The related drug charges and penalties could increase depending on the type of drug and quantity discovered by the police. The drug heroin is widely known as a more dangerous drug, and criminal charges

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New Jersey Police Discover Widespread Identity Theft

The Vineland Developmental Center, a New Jersey Company, has had identity theft issues since 2008. The identity theft affected approximately 30 employees at the company. Recently, the local police had a meeting with the 30 employees and claimed those accused of the identity theft were in custody. The police were unable to identity how the identity theft

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3 New Jersey Men Arrested In Connection To Recycling Theft

It may seem like a silly thing to many of us. We discard cardboard every day. When we are shipped something in the mail, we tear open the box and either recycle it or throw it in the trash. While we no longer want the item, recycling can be very lucrative. In New Jersey, three

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Defendant’s Mental State And Their Responsibility For A Crime

While many people believe that you can be innocent or guilty of a crime simply by committing or not committing it, there is actually a lot more that goes into it. A person’s responsibility for a crime can be directly affected by their mental state. What Are the Differences? For starters, some crimes can be categorized as

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What Is An Arrest?

It seems like something you already know about, but do you truly know what it means to be arrested? Television and movies simply portray it as someone being put into handcuffs and taken to a police station or jail. But in real life, an arrest can happen without handcuffs and without a trip to the station.

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