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Understanding The Juvenile Criminal System In New Jersey

Understanding The Juvenile Criminal System In New Jersey

Facing a criminal charge could be life changing for any New Jersey resident, but it could affect the life of the youth much more. Our firm understands that being accused of a juvenile crime not only affects the young suspect, but their family as well. In addition, the future of the accused could be seriously affected, due to the damaging affects the accusations or convictions could have on their personal or professional life. In order to avoid the criminal penalties and consequences associated with a juvenile crime, it is important that a defense strategy is understood and devised.

The future of a child could be significantly and irreparably harmed by juvenile delinquency. Having a juvenile record does not only affect the penalties they could face if they face criminal charges as an adult, but could also interfere with their ability to move forward from the incident. Their ability to be admitted to a college or university or obtain the employment of their choosing could be seriously constrained.

Another major factor to consider is the ability of a minor being charged as an adult. The age of the accused offender does not always limit the penalties they could face. If the criminal allegations are serious, the minor could be charged as an adult. This could lead to harsher penalties and an adult criminal record.

Because of their age and lack of experiences, some minors are unable to comprehend the seriousness of their situation. This is why it is crucial criminal defense actions are taken. Navigating the juvenile criminal system is much different from the processes used for adults in the criminal system. Our firm’s juvenile crime overview could help explain the differences and the process a minor could undergo. This could give the defendant a better perspective on their situation and possible defense strategies.

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