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Two Women Accused Of Multiple Drug Possession Charges

New Jersey police officers recently charged two women with multiple drug violations. A police officer initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle traveling 15 miles over the speed limit. He indicated that the passenger in the vehicle was talkative and kept complaining that she was nine months pregnant and ill. He allegedly noticed a

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New Jersey Traffic Stop Leads To Discovery Of Drug Possession

A common vehicle stop led to three arrests for drug possession charges and weapon charges. The arrest started as a non-drug related stop, which created probable cause for police officers to obtain a search warrant and led to the arrests. New Jersey police officers pulled over a car on Interstate 80 at approximately 1:00 p.m on Tuesday,

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New Jersey Senate Intern Arrested In Drug Bust

Previously, we have discussed how the Internet has impacted and affected criminal activity in New Jersey. During these discussions, we generally focus on the website Facebook and the ways in which behavior on it could lead to charges. Recently, the website Craigslist was used to solicit drug sales and those responsible allegedly had ties to

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Three Nj Men Arrested For 17000 Worth Of Cocaine

Police charged three men with possession with intent to distribute cocaine on Friday, July 19, in Perth Amboy. They were arrested after police found $17,000 worth of cocaine in the Ford Explorer that the men were riding in. All three of the men were charged with drug charges with the intent to distribute. Two of

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