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Teens In Stolen Dept. Of Treasury Minivan Lead Cops On Wild Chase

This past Columbus Day, police noticed a state Department of the Treasury minivan suspiciously packed with about six juveniles and decided to follow the vehicle. Upon noticing the police cruiser behind them, the juvenile driver appeared to panic. In an effort to evade police on Bidwell Avenue, the minivan sped up and drove along the

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Top 3 Things Parents Of Children Charged With A Crime Should Do

Having children brings many wonderful things. However, it also comes with huge responsibility and fear of what may happen if your child makes poor choices. While initially this may be worrying about them trying to run into the road to chase a ball, the stakes get higher as the years progress. Many adolescents and teens

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Juveniles Face Collateral Consequences In Criminal Cases

Millions of New Jersey residents have children of all ages, and parents of all different backgrounds would probably agree that there is one certain period of childhood that can be very difficult for everyone involved: the teenage years. Many children become somewhat rebellious in their teenage years, and they test the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

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Dont Ignore Underlying Issues Of Alcohol Or Drug Use

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your child. You’ve invested all your love, hopes and dreams into their happiness, well-being and future. When a teen slips into drug and alcohol abuse, there’s a sense of panic and a rush to fix it. Since most parents are not psychologists or attorneys, they can

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Juvenile Brains And Criminal Behavior

When young people get into trouble, there is no shortage of blame to go around. Law enforcement will often blame parents, the kid will likely make excuses and the cycle could go on endlessly without any answers being found. What really causes juveniles to engage in criminal behavior? Professionals could answer this question in a

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