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A Dip In Irenes Waters Causes Charges For One New Jersey Juvenile

Hurricane Irene swept through the New Jersey area, causing significant damage and expense for many of the state’s residents. While parents are looking at the damage, making plans for repair and calling their insurance agents, some of their teenage children may not have the same focus. One New Jersey teenager saw the flood waters that

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New Jersey Juvenile Incentive Program Meets Scrutiny

An incentive program that rewards juvenile offenders in Camden County, New Jersey, with free electronics if they follow the rules of their probation has come under scrutiny. Officials with the Camden county Probation Subcommittee who rolled out the incentive program say that the program is a way to reduce juvenile crime in the county. Critics counter that

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New Jersey Woman Charged With Allegedly Allowing Teens To Drink

A New Jersey woman has been charged with juvenile-related crimes after police allege that she condoned minor drinking and drug use in her home. The woman is set to return to court in early November. On the night of Oct. 19, police say that they responded to reports of a loud party on Engle Street

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Linden Teenagers Arrested

Three Linden teens have been taken into custody after a police chase on the morning of Sept. 24. The group was joyriding in a Ford Explorer driven by a 15-year-old. The incident began when police pulled the teenager over when he didn’t come to a complete stop at the intersection of Monmouth Ave. and East Baltimore Ave.

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New Jersey County Seeks Alternative To Courts For Juveniles

If you could offer New Jersey juveniles’ an alternative to the court system and prison, wouldn’t you want to help them learn from their mistakes and become better members of society? This is precisely the reason that Hunterdon County is working together with Hunterdon Prevention Resources (“HPR”) in order to create a program that does

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