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Lawyer Up What Parents Need To Teach Their Kids

Which one of us can truly say we didn’t get into some kind of shenanigans when we were a kid? Whether it was ditching school or tormenting our siblings, few of us escaped childhood without getting into some kind of trouble. But there’s trouble–and then there’s trouble: the kind where the law gets involved. Drinking underage, drinking

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Council Holds Meetings On Juvenile Drinking

A town hall meeting in New Jersey on March 26 by the Center for Prevention and Counseling drove home the dangers of drinking to New Jersey teens and their parents. A council member who attended emphasized that decisions made when drinking can change a young person’s life permanently. Statistics bear out that it is common

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Students Rights Violated When Officer Opens Dorm With Ra Key

Fade ID’s, alcohol in underage rooms and small amounts of marijuana are items that are fairly common on a New Jersey college campus or any college campus for that matter. College is a time where minor students are finally out from under their parents’ watchful eye and bound to make some mistakes. Underage college students especially experience with

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New Jersey Law Enforcement Team Targets Underage Drinking

It is not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to team up and carry out joint operations here in New Jersey. Usually they target alleged drug trafficking or child pornography rings; these high-profile cases generate a lot of publicity for police and prosecutors as they file felony charges with long-term consequences against defendants. A recent undercover

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Juveniles Seek House Arrest Morristown Judge Denies Request

Teens make mistakes, and sometimes they are very serious ones with serious consequences. Last September two 17-year-old juveniles were accused of participating in a sex crime against a girl of the same age. After being charged, both of the boys have since turned 18. Now, they have requested house arrest, which would release them from

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