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Understanding The Juvenile Justice System

When young residents in New Jersey are arrested, they often consider what their fate will be in the legal system. Juvenile crimes often differ from adult crimes, but can still have impacting effects. The personal and professional life could be greatly harmed by the crime, and in order to avoid a damaged reputation or a

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New Jerseys Approach To Juvenile Crime Focuses On Rehabilitation

New Jerseyans are no strangers to the extravagant use of their hard-earned tax dollars. Before Bridgegate, there were many other eyebrow-raising expenditures, like the $2.4 million addition to Ocean County’s juvenile detention center — added shortly after the inception of a state program designed to help children stay out of detention centers. The center, designed

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Another Study Adds Context For Analyzing Juvenile Crime

A recent study of incarcerated youth between the ages of 16 and 18 suggests a possible environmental influence impacting juvenile crime rates: traumatic brain injury. As readers may know, a TBI can result from many causes, even everyday activities like a slip-and-fall or sporting activity that involves a blow to the head. In fact, one

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Understanding The Juvenile Criminal System In New Jersey

Facing a criminal charge could be life changing for any New Jersey resident, but it could affect the life of the youth much more. Our firm understands that being accused of a juvenile crime not only affects the young suspect, but their family as well. In addition, the future of the accused could be seriously

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Teenager In Morris County Charged With Robbery Eluding Police

Given the “tough on crime” stance taken by so many of our politicians and law enforcement officials here in Morris County, an important point can get lost amidst the bluster and swagger. That is that defendants charged with crimes are entitled to a presumption of innocence. It’s not just a courtesy extended to them. They

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