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Man Makes Plea Deal After Vandalism Charges In Morristown

Judges, prosecutors, and other members of the legal system are often willing to take circumstances into account when working with accused individuals. This is especially true with non-violent crimes such as petty theft or vandalism if the individual being charged doesn’t have a past criminal history. Understanding legal options is important for defendants when negotiating plea bargains

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New Jersey Police Discover Widespread Identity Theft

The Vineland Developmental Center, a New Jersey Company, has had identity theft issues since 2008. The identity theft affected approximately 30 employees at the company. Recently, the local police had a meeting with the 30 employees and claimed those accused of the identity theft were in custody. The police were unable to identity how the identity theft

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3 New Jersey Men Arrested In Connection To Recycling Theft

It may seem like a silly thing to many of us. We discard cardboard every day. When we are shipped something in the mail, we tear open the box and either recycle it or throw it in the trash. While we no longer want the item, recycling can be very lucrative. In New Jersey, three

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5 Accused Of Burglarizing Homes In Affluent New Jersey Neighborhoods

The common definition of burglary is the breaking and entering into a dwelling with an illegal purpose. Although each state has its own specific definition for the criminal charge of burglary and different requisites for the degree of the charge, the common definition can provide a general understanding of the criminal charge. The exact detailed elements of

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Burglar Arrested After Fleeing The Scene Covered In Blood

A young man of Newark, age 24, was arrested in late July after he broke into a residential home. During the break-in process, he was cut by objects that he broke on his attempt to enter the building. After breaking the glass and realizing he had cut himself, the Newark man fled the scene. Police

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