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NJ Police Go After Child Pornography Offenders

NJ Police Go After Child Pornography Offenders

New Jersey is no stranger to sex crimes like child pornographyand they have police dedicated to finding those committing such crimes.

Sex Crimes in New Jersey

Just last year, an operation called “Operation Safety Net” resulted in 79 people being accused of owning and sharing child pornography or material showing children being sexually abused. The people accused ranged from a youth minister to a piano teacher to a police officer — no one type of person was exempt from the operation.

The penalties for being in possession of child pornography also do not discriminate.

Of the ones arrested in Operation Safety Net, 11 were found to be in possession of at least 1,000 files of child sexual abuse, which could mean lifelong parole supervision, commitment at an adult diagnostic and treatment center and registering as a sex offender in New Jersey.

One of the people arrested possessed 10,000 files of child pornography while another possibly had over one million files. Their punishments will be much more severe as will the punishments of those found to be distributing the child pornography to others.

In addition, New Jersey is also one of a handful of states that adopted a new state law that makes it so that child erotica is considered part and parcel to child pornography and exploitation. Child erotica is defined by the state as images that depict nearly naked, suggestively posed, and inappropriately sexualized children.

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