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Officials Target New Jersey Residents With Outstanding Toll Balance

Officials Target New Jersey Residents With Outstanding Toll Balance

One popular revenue stream for states on the East Coast is highway tolls. With the thousands of vehicles that pass through these tolls in only a matter of hours, the funds are used for many different state projects. The Atlantic City Expressway is one of these roads that utilize the toll system.

While the tolls bring in a large chunk of money, there are some outstanding fees from vehicles that have passed through the area without paying. Officials have decided to collect on these outstanding balances, and the failure to pay could result in suspension of the vehicle registration for any individual.

The South Jersey Transportation Authority plans to collect on these outstanding balances beginning this week. Officials reported that at least 150 individuals or businesses with company vehicles made a list of balances that are in the red at least $200 or more. These individuals and businesses will receive a notice letter of their bill due to the state Motor Vehicle Commission.

If any driver fails to pay the fee within 25 days, they will incur the vehicle registration suspension. Only those with a New Jersey driver’s license will face this possible suspension, out-of-state drivers will not face a similar penalty due to jurisdictional issues.

This program was modeled after ones that were enacted to collect outstanding tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway.

Source: nj.com, “South Jersey officials set sights on AC Expressway toll cheaters,” Aug. 12, 2012

For some people, these types of traffic violations may not seem like a big deal, but can lead to future consequences. For those who seek more information, our Morristown traffic violations and municipal court page provides answers.

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