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Recent Road Rage Incident Causes Serious Injuries

Recent Road Rage Incident Causes Serious Injuries


Road rage is a serious problem that could also be elevated to assault charges in the State of New Jersey. Unfortunately, when drivers get frustrated behind the wheel and take it a level too far by engaging physically or threatening someone else, this could be categorized as assault. If you’re involved in an altercation with another driver that appears to be headed towards physical violence, it may be safer to remain in your car and contact the authorities. One recent incident highlights how dangerous it can be when road rage gets out of control and how criminal charges may follow.

According to police officers on the scene, two women were sent to the hospital after a road rage argument occurred in a shopping center parking lot, that developed from a verbal argument into a physical one. A Honda driver allegedly sped past someone as they were backing out of a Walmart parking space on a Sunday afternoon. The driver of the Honda and the other person trying to back out then began yelling at each other and one party threw a bottle into the other vehicle.

One of the drivers attempted to punch the other before a tackle occurred, and the physical fight escalated throughout the parking lot of nearby retail facilities. The man who was backing out of the Walmart parking spot at the time of the accident was ultimately arrested and charged with simple assault. An incident can develop out of control relatively quickly or the facts of the altercation could lead to an allegation of simple assault where it is not accurate.

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