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Robbery Weapons Charges For 3 After Shootings In New Jersey

Robbery Weapons Charges For 3 After Shootings In New Jersey

Police investigating the shooting of two New Jersey men took into custody three people for what was called a drug-related robbery inside a private home. Two men allegedly involved in the violent crimewere held on charges of robbery, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose. A third was taken into custody on allegations that he was an accomplice to commit armed robbery with the other men and also that he had hindered apprehension. A 30-year-old man was in fair condition after treatment of a gunshot wound in his lower torso. A 21-year-old was in serious condition for multiple gunshot wounds.

More than a dozen city and county police officers surrounded the house and cordoned off the area after the incident. Police questioned one of the men who had been shot as he sat on the front stoop of the house. According to neighbors, the split-level house was rented by new tenants recently, but they had not noticed anything worthy of calling police about other than some loud parties.

Authorities stated that they believed the two men were armed when they first entered the house but did not know whether just one or both did the shooting. The gun used in the shootings was not recovered. According to a police statement, an investigation revealed that the 30-year-old was thought by the gunmen to have drugs and money at the residence.

Gun charges, as well as accusations of robbery and other violent crimes, can mean a long prison sentence. A New Jersey attorney may be able to help those accused by negotiating a plea bargain on their behalf, which could mean a reduction in both charges and penalties.

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