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Trespassing Implicates Serious Penalties After Repeat Offense

Trespassing Implicates Serious Penalties After Repeat Offense

Celebrities may be more common in Los Angeles than Atlantic City, but today’s post illustrates that consequences of celebrity stalking or other forms of trespass can be serious in any state.

According to recently filed charges, a man has been charged with felony stalking after jumping the fence at home of Hollywood actress and singer Selena Gomez. If that charge seems severe, it’s because there are other factors associated with this case.

In this case, the man was first arrested and convicted for trespass on Gomez’s home. That conviction implicated a jail sentence up to 45 days, but the man only served two days before being released on probation. However, the court clearly ordered the man to stay away from the celebrity singer-actress.

Unfortunately, the man behavior within hours of his release clearly violated the terms of his probation: He returned to Gomez’ home. Authorities were alerted, and the man found himself arrested twice in one week for the same alleged trespass.

As with many types of criminal charges, a repeat offense often implicates more serious penalties, perhaps even the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. He is facing up to four years in prison.

For a criminal defense attorney, this story illustrates why an attorney must be committed not only to building a strong defense to specific charges, but also to helping alleged offenders avoid similar behavior in the future. For example, a criminal defendant may have an addition issue with drugs or alcohol, or perhaps require counseling or other treatments to address behavioral issues. An attorney can inform the court of these issues, possibly obtaining reduced charges or an alternative sentencing arrangement that will hopefully prevent repeat offenses.

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