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Young Man Arrested After Using Twitter To Sell Guns

Young Man Arrested After Using Twitter To Sell Guns

A young man from Bloomfield recently admitted to using the social media, Twitter, to sell firearms illegally, along with trying to recruit people for a street gang.

The incident leading to the man’s arrest took place in the later weeks of July. A 20-year-old man arranged a meeting in a parking lot over twitter. While he was planning on selling guns to the victim, he instead robbed her of over $200 and fled the scene.

Police officials were called shortly after, and they found the man the same night. When arresting him, they found a .38 revolver, along with a mock gun on his person. After going to search the car, they found another gun – one that was in a photo of which he was going to sell.

In an attempt to make a plea agreement with prosecutors, he pled guilty on weapons charges. It is expected that the man will serve up to 10 years in a state prison, but he may be eligible for parole after just five years.

It is not known how many guns have been sold over his Twitter account, nor how many people he has recruited into his gang over social media.

Two of his co-defendants also pled guilty in the case, which lead back to a robbery a couple of years back that went unsolved.

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