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Experienced Criminal Attorney Represents Clients Charged with DWI Offenses and Traffic Offenses in Dover, NJ

The NJ criminal justice system can be difficult to navigate, especially for someone facing serious criminal chargesthat carry penalties such as prison time and significant fines. Beyond that, a conviction will result in you having a criminal record that could make it extremely difficult for you to secure a job in the future. The good news is that a qualified criminal lawyer can potentially challenge the evidence in your case, including the legality of your arrest and any subsequent searches & seizures by police. This is very important because many criminal cases in Dover Municipal Court and Morris County Superior Court turn on the underlying facts.

Were you recently arrested in Dover, New Jersey? Experienced Dover criminal attorney James M. Porfido and his skilled legal team will examine the evidence, review police records, talk to the prosecutor, and seek the best possible outcome to your case.

Dover Criminal Attorney Defends Clients Against Disorderly Persons Offenses & DUI Charges

Knowledgeable Dover criminal lawyer James M. Porfido mounts strong defenses on behalf of clients facing all types of criminal charges:

Whether you face felony charges in Morris County Superior Court or disorderly persons offense charges in Dover Municipal Court, experienced NJ criminal attorney James Porfido can protect your legal rights and help you avoid the most severe penalties.

James M. Porfido Can Help You Fight Dover Criminal Charges

Before he started his New Jersey criminal defense practice, James M. Porfido was an assistant prosecutor in Morris County from 1989 to 1997. During that time, he served as the chief prosecutor of two units with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office: (1) the Vehicular Homicide and Assault by Auto Unit and (2) the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit. As a former prosecutor, Porfido possesses valuable insights into how Morris County prosecutors prepare their cases as they seek convictions. This gives Porfido’s clients a huge edge when it comes to combatting their criminal charges and avoiding the most severe penalties.

In addition to having worked as a Morris County prosecutor, James Porfido has a long list of impressive credentials that includes lecturing on criminal trial preparation in New Jersey, serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center, and being honored with the Achievement Award by the NJ Fraternal Order of Police. Dover criminal attorney James M. Porfido will be your advocate in and out of the courtroom and represent you throughout the legal process so that you never have to worry about the next step in your case.

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If you or a loved one was recently arrested in Dover, NJ, you need a qualified criminal defense lawyer on your side. James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law, LLC is a legal team that is prepared to represent you in Dover Municipal Court or Morris County Superior Court, depending on the severity of your criminal charges. Contact Attorney Porfido now to set up a free initial consultation.

About the Dover, NJ Area

Dover is a small town located in Morris County, New Jersey. Dover has a population of more than 18,200 people packed into an area of just 2.7 square miles. Dover became a town in 1869 and was formed from parts of Randolph Township, NJ. Dover has a thriving ethnic community, with a majority of residents identifying as Hispanic. (The 2010 census showed nearly 70 percent of Dover residents being Hispanic or Latino, representing the fifth-largest Hispanic population of any municipality in NJ.)

Hedden County Park, a massive park, has entrances in Randolph but is partly located in Dover. Within Dover, popular parks and recreational spots include Hamilton Field (a recreation center), JFK Memorial Commons Park (which has a children’s playground and a gazebo), Crescent Field (home to a turf soccer field), and Water Works Park (offering access to the Rockaway River).

There are several major roads and highways in or near Dover: Interstate 80 (I-80), NJ Route 10, NJ Route 15, County Route 513, and U.S. Route 46. Dover is also served by NJ Transit, with two major bus routes and trains operating out of the Dover train station.


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