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10 New Jersey Men Charged As Members Of Alleged Crime Ring

10 New Jersey Men Charged As Members Of Alleged Crime Ring

According to a news report, 10 men were charged in Dec. 2013 with multiple criminal counts for their alleged roles as suspected members of a Central New Jersey crime ring. The case is expected to be prosecuted under the supervision of the Office of the Attorney General.

The alleged drug ring is believed to have been operating for up to two decades. Prior to the charges being brought, an investigation is said to have been underway for 10 months. Reportedly $130,000 worth of drugs and a quantity of illegal weapons were seized.

In a news release, the New Jersey State Police stated that this case was particularly significant to the department for two reasons. In addition to the time span of suspected activity, New Jersey public employees were also believed to be members of the group. The employees included a city housing inspector and a township public works employee.

The investigation centered around three men ages 53, 47 and 53. Police stated that the men were believed to have employed undescribed means to distribute marijuana and cocaine. They were also believed to have bought and sold illegal weapons. According to police, more than 1.5 kilos of cocaine, 12 ounces of MDMA, steroids, two pounds of marijuana and 167 prescription drugs were seized.

Police also say that they were able to seize various guns associated with the drug distribution, in which 22 of the 36 weapons were allegedly said to be illegal. According to the report, the police were also able to obtain more than $10,000 in cash.

Any individual facing criminal charges may benefit from consultation with a criminal defense attorney. In addition to attempting to ensure that his or her client is treated fairly throughout the entire process, the attorney may be able to negotiate for a lesser charge or a reduction in penalties.

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