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Arrests Made In Alleged Drug Distribution Ring Near Morristown

Arrests Made In Alleged Drug Distribution Ring Near Morristown

Drug charges are never a matter for Morristown residents to take lightly. There are, however, different types of drug charges of differing levels of severity. Drug possession, for example, is a lower-level charge than distribution.

Drug distribution charges were recently filed against a defendant in a bust that took place about half an hour outside of Morristown. Police from two communities say that they spent five months investigating a crack dealing ring. Eventually they identified a woman in her early forties as “the main cog in the operation,” according to one detective.

Recently police followed her on what they claim was a crack deal, arresting her and the alleged buyer. They also arrested her live-in boyfriend at their home, as well as the boyfriend of the suspected buyer at his home. Reports claim that the police found baggies of crack, bottles of prescription drugs, some marijuana and just over $1,000 cash through search warrants associated with the bust.

In part because the drugs appeared to be divided up and packaged for sale, the charges against the main defendant include narcotics distribution. Distribution, notably, is a felony, as opposed to possession which may be charged as a misdemeanor. Of course, the type of charge will depend on the types of substances involved and the alleged quantities, among other factors. But when authorities find what they consider to be evidence of intent to distribute — large quantities of drugs and cash, for example — they may try to charge the defendant with distribution. The penalties for drug distribution can be anywhere from a few years to life in prison.

The accused ringleader in the above case was jailed on $50,000 bail. Police say they are continuing their investigation due to the large quantities and different types of substances allegedly seized as a result of the bust.

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