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Drug Distribution In New Jersey

Drug Distribution In New Jersey

Many drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, are classified as controlled dangerous substances under New Jersey law. Except as authorized by law, it is illegal for anyone to purposely or knowingly distribute a controlled dangerous substance. New Jersey residents may be wondering what this means, and this blog will give a quick rundown of what this means.

Under New Jersey law, to distribute a controlled dangerous substance means to transfer or attempt to transfer it from one person to another. The term transfer has a broad definition, and it is not necessary for there to be an exchange of money or anything of value for a transfer to occur.

In order for a person to be convicted of the crime of distributing a controlled dangerous substance in New Jersey, the prosecution must prove that there was a controlled dangerous substance, it was distributed and the accused did so purposely or knowingly. If any of these three elements is not proved beyond a reasonable doubt, then the accused cannot be convicted.

A person convicted of distributing a controlled dangerous substance could be facing serious consequences. Jail or prison time, fines and other penalties may await those convicted of drug distribution.

If you or a loved one is facing allegations of distribution, getting in touch with a New Jersey drug charges lawyer could be a very good idea. A lawyer can inform you of the law and how it might apply to your case. A lawyer can also review your options with you.

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