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New Jersey Man Faces Drug Charges After Police Surveillance

New Jersey Man Faces Drug Charges After Police Surveillance

After authorities conducted surveillance on the Newark apartment complex in which he resides and searched his apartment, a 46-year-old man was arrested April 8 on multiple drug charges and arraigned the following day. The drug charges stem from an alleged $8,500 worth of drugs, mostly heroin, that police uncovered from searching the man after he left his residence during the surveillance and from executing a search warrant on his apartment.

Police claim that the man admitted to have narcotics on him before any searches were conducted. They further allege that upon searching him, they found 50 envelopes of heroin in his boots, and the search of the apartment yielded more heroin, Xanax, .22 caliber bullets and drug paraphernalia.

Individuals facing drug charges are subject to serious consequences if convicted, and like all individuals accused of a crime, they have the right to a fair trial. Drug convictions could mean significant jail time, and they could also affect future employment prospects as well as a person’s reputation.

Law enforcement officers must follow the law when executing a search and seizure based on a warrant. A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to substantially weaken the prosecution’s case if stringent search and seizure protocols were not adhered to by authorities. The attorney could also possibly negotiate for probation in place of jail time, convince the court to give credit for time served after an arrest or get charges reduced via a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorneys. In some cases, an attorney may be able to arrange for an accused person’s entry into a drug treatment program rather than jail for in cases involving habitual offenders suffering from addiction.

Source: Newark Patch, “Newark Man Arrested on Drug Charges,” April 9, 2013

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