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New Jersey Man Faces Sixth Dwi Charge

New Jersey Man Faces Sixth Dwi Charge

Drunk driving charges — commonly referred to as DWI charges — can significantly impact a person’s freedoms and liberties. In New Jersey, penalties for DWI convictions can include jail time, loss of a driver’s license and severe criminal fines.

DWI charges in New Jersey can have severe penalties, even for first time offenders. Since first time offenders can face severe penalties, a New Jersey man who faces his sixth DWI may face severe penalties that are unexpected by the arrested man.

The man’s arrest for his sixth DWI came four days after he was released on bail from a previous DWI charge. The police report for his sixth DWI charge states the man drove his car over a curb, collided with a pole and threw beer from his vehicle. This is not the first drastic DWI charge the man has faced. The man’s previous five DWI charges occurred in a five-week timeframe.

In addition to the sixth DWI charge, the man also faces a contempt of court charge for his failure to appear at court mandated conference. The court mandated conference was for a criminal charge for drug possession. The drug possession charge occurred during the man’s fifth DWI arrest.

Since DWI charges can have severe criminal penalties, an experienced attorney can help assess a DWI charge to help mitigate potential penalties. DWI charges include many aspects including the initial police stop. To ensure that a meaningful defense is presented against a pending DWI charge, all aspects of the arrest need to be analyzed to ensure the accused was afforded their legal rights during the arrest.

Source: Newsday, “NJ man charged with 6th DWI days after release,” June 29, 2012

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