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New Jersey Police Arrest Four And Take 40k In Cocaine

New Jersey Police Arrest Four And Take 40k In Cocaine

New Jersey police can use various tactics to discover and make arrests related to drug charges. These types of discoveries can include general police observation and police initiated investigations. The type of information and actions that lead up to the drug arrest can be essential elements in the defense of an individual who faces drug-related charges.

In the last month New Jersey police made several drug-related arrests. Overall, through the arrests the police confiscated a large amount of cocaine that has an estimated street value of $40,000.

The first arrest was made pursuant to police observation of potentially illegal drug-related behavior. The New Jersey police witnessed an alleged drug deal in progress. After apprehending the suspected male the police searched the man’s vehicle and residence. When the police searched the man’s vehicle, the police allegedly found 400 grams of cocaine and discovered another 48 grams of cocaine in his residence. It was reported the police observation was the result of previously obtained information that the man was dealing drugs in a local area.

The next arrest was made several days later and the arrest was the result of an investigation that spanned over one month. The investigation led to the arrest of a 41-year-old man after he allegedly sold 150 grams of cocaine to an undercover police officer. The man was arrested and charged with drug distribution.

In addition to these two arrests, the police made two more arrest that resulted in the discovery of more than 425 grams of cocaine. All of the men who were arrested have been charged with drug related charges and the men are currently waiting for their initial court hearing.

Source: Nj.com, “Bergen drug dealer sweep nets four arrests, nearly $40,000 in cocaine,” Dan Ivers, Dec. 12, 2012

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