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New Jersey Woman Faces Multiple Drug Charges

New Jersey Woman Faces Multiple Drug Charges

A New Jersey woman in her mid-40s was taken into custody in mid-November following an incident in which she was allegedly trespassing in neighbor’s home in Randolph Township. Following the incident, she faces multiple drug charges, including possession of certain prescription drugs, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance. She additionally received traffic citations pertaining to DUI, refusal to submit a breath sample, reckless driving and possession of a controlled dangerous substance, according to authorities.

Police reported that they received a call on Saturday, Nov. 16, regarding an intoxicated trespasser in a residence on Sussex Turnpike. An officer reportedly responded to the call and performed a sobriety test and a search, at which time the woman was taken into custody. Further details about the incident were not revealed, nor were details furnished regarding how the traffic citations came about.

Whether a person is accused of stealing, illegally trespassing on a person’s private property, damaging personal property or criminal mischief, he or she should be able to know his or her rights and be treated fairly under the law. While drug charges may have very serious consequences if individuals are convicted, it may still be possible to mount a strong defense against the charges, particularly if search and seizure or mitigating factors such as a medical condition may be present.

Since the woman in this case was allegedly found in possession of unnamed prescription drugs and may have been disoriented, it is possible that she may have experience an unforeseen adverse reaction or may have a condition requiring supervision. An attorney may evaluate a case like this one and present mitigating factors to the court if possible in order to secure lowered charges or a lighter sentence.

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