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Officials Allege Heroin Transported From Columbia To New Jersey

Officials Allege Heroin Transported From Columbia To New Jersey

We’ve said it over and over; take your case seriously, because drug charges can result in severe penalties in New Jersey. The related drug charges and penalties could increase depending on the type of drug and quantity discovered by the police. The drug heroin is widely known as a more dangerous drug, and criminal charges for heroin have the potential to have more severe penalties.

New Jersey police and federal officers discovered and made drug distribution arrests that allegedly dismantled a heroin narcotics network that was worth an estimated multi-million dollars. The narcotics network was allegedly operated in New Jersey homes, where large amounts of Columbian heroin was stored and distributed in New Jersey and surrounding states. The law enforcement investigation determined the amount of heroin dealt and sold each week amounted to approximately $1 million.

Part of the dismantling of the alleged narcotics network was the arrest of 15 individuals allegedly involved in the narcotics network. In addition to the 15 individuals arrested, two other suspects are considered wanted by law enforcement for ties to the narcotics network.

The drug arrest was reportedly the result of a 6-month investigation. The investigation determined the heroin was brought into New Jersey directly from Columbia through all types of transportation air, land and sea.

The actual criminal violations that have been levied against the 15 individuals have not been publically released. Given the amount of heroin discovered in the investigation, the individuals arrested may face serious drug related charges both state and federal.

Source: NorthJersey.com, “Officials announce 15 arrests in Paterson-based multistate heroin operation,” Nick Clunn, Nov. 21, 2012

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