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Subject Of New Jersey Drug Related Manhunt Turns Himself In

Subject Of New Jersey Drug Related Manhunt Turns Himself In

Our last blog post discussed several drug-related arrests that were made after an intensive New Jersey law enforcement investigation. A similar drug arrest recently occurred, but was not related to the previously mentioned statewide federal law enforcement investigation.

During the past weekend, the alleged leader of a street gang in New Jersey turned himself into the local prosecutor’s office in relation to allegations of operating a drug distribution ring. The alleged gang leader is a 31-year-old male, who was arrested upon his surrender at the local prosecutor’s office.

Since the man was arrested he has been held on a bail of $5 million. The accused man has been formally charged with maintaining a narcotics production facility in the first degree, racketeering in the first degree and several other drugs and weapons charges.

The man’s act of turning himself into the local prosecutor’s office came after an arrest warrant was issued for the accused man. The original arrest warrant was based on an investigation by the local drugs and crimes task force, which was provided assistance by the U.S. Marshals Service. Prior to the man’s self-submission to the prosecutor’s office, the man had been the subject of a manhunt by the task force and U.S. Marshals Service.

In instances like this, it might benefit an individual to voluntarily turn himself in should the individual know that there was an arrest warrant. However, as soon as an individual enters a police station, they will most likely be questioned and protection of their rights is not a guarantee. Seeking legal counsel prior to turning oneself into custody is well within an individual’s rights.

Source: NJ Today, “Alleged Drug Ring Operator Arrested,” Jan. 2, 2013

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