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Wing Bowl Champion Sentenced In Drug Case

Wing Bowl Champion Sentenced In Drug Case

As a result of a New Jersey State Police served search warrant, a five-time winner of the Wing Bowl was charged with drug possession with intent to distribute. The champion is from Woodbury Heights and is 51-years-old.

The plea comes after a series of events that began in June, 2012. Police stopped his vehicle that was covered in colorful El Wingador graphics in Mullica Hill. The New Jersey State Police investigation lasted a month. Police charged him with conducting a drug transaction on the day that he was pulled over. After executing their warrants, police seized the vehicle, about $4,000 and approximately $8,000 worth of cocaine. He pleaded guilty to second-degree possession with intent to distribute on July 29.

When he entered his plea, the man admitted that he was in possession of an excess of one ounce of cocaine but less than five ounces at the time of the traffic stop. He also admitted that he was using a little bit of the drugs when he was stopped. The man was crying as his friends tried to speak on his behalf to the judge before he was sentenced. He was sentenced to seven years for the alleged crime.

New Jersey criminal defense attorneys may be able to assist those charged with drug offenses like drug possession, drug trafficking and possession of drug paraphernalia. Defense attorneys may be able to help individuals avoid the serious consequences of a conviction of a drug crime, such as jail time, fines and a status as a felon for the rest of their life. They may also be able to argue that evidence should be prohibited from being entered if a search and seizure was not performed according to proper protocol.

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