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Five Dwis In 38 Days New Jersey Faces Serious Penalties

Five Dwis In 38 Days New Jersey Faces Serious Penalties

Drunk driving violations — commonly referred to as driving while intoxicated or DWI — is a criminal charge that has varying degrees of penalties. First time offenders may be able to receive a lesser penalty and the penalties may increase with any additional drunk driving violations.

One factor that could affect the severity of a drunk driving penalty is the amount of time that has elapsed between each of the violations. The time between violations will not likely be considered as favorable for a New Jersey man who was recently arrested for drunk driving for the fifth time.

The New Jersey man was arrested for five drunk driving violations within a span of 38 days. The first arrest occurred after a concerned citizen reported his suspicion that the man was driving while under the influence. After the call, local police observed that the vehicle the man was driving was weaving within the lane.

The man was pulled over and the police officer saw an alcoholic beverage in plain sight in the vehicle that appeared to be open. During this arrest, the man told police he was under the influence of Oxycodone. Following the first arrest, the man was also arrested twice more in the same month and twice in the next month.

Even though the man has been arrested for drunk driving on separate days, his license has not been revoked. Because the arrests occurred in such a short span, the man has not appeared in court for any at this point. The man is currently in custody and awaiting his first appearance in court.

Source: CBS Philly, “Police: New Jersey Man Arrested For 5th DWI In 38 Days,” Robin Rieger, May 16, 2012

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