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Michigan Urinal Cakes Fighting More Than Germs Used To Deter Dui

Michigan Urinal Cakes Fighting More Than Germs Used To Deter Dui

Officials in New Jersey and other states have made it clear that they want to target  drunk drivingacross the state. They have beefed up enforcement of the law with increased patrols and more holiday checkpoints than ever. The latest measure that has been implemented is one that has heads turning… in the bathroom?

So what is this unusual measure? It is urinal cakes, those little blue deodorizers that keep the urinal bowl sanitary. The only thing that makes these urinals stand out from the rest is that they talk to people, asking them to find a sober ride home. The electronic sanitizers are activated by motion and then play a recorded message to the male patrons using the urinals in a bar, restaurant or other establishment where liquor is being sold.

The urinal cakes have already been distributed to Michigan Licensed Beverage Association members in Wayne County as a part of the Fourth of July enforcement effort. The next counties in line to receive the talking sanitizers are Bay, Ottawa and Delta, and Michigan is not even the only state to try the device.

The executive director of the Licensed Beverage Association admitted that the talking urinal cakes are somewhat funny, but he said that while “humorous… the seriousness of the message will stand out and encourage patrons to find a safe ride home.”

Although the urinal cakes alert everyone who uses them to find a safe ride home, they do not detect a person’s blood alcohol level. So while you may heed the warning, how do you know if your blood alcohol content is .06 or .09? In these cases, it is important to enlist the assistance of an attorney should you find yourself involved with law enforcement — even if New Jersey implements this same device.

Source: NorthJersey.com, “Michigan deploys talking urinal cakes in DUI fight,” July 2, 2012

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