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New Jersey Man Charged With Causing Wrong Way Crash

New Jersey Man Charged With Causing Wrong Way Crash

Westchester County Police say that an Englewood man, 32, was taken into custody Aug. 5 for allegedly causing crash. The police claim that they received an emergency call around 5 a.m. from a driver who reported a black BMW driving northbound in southbound lanes of the parkway. Once a police officer arrived to the parkway north of Ashford Avenue in Dobbs Ferry, a two-car collision had already taken place.

According to a county police public information officer, the 32-year-old man who allegedly caused the accident was seriously injured. The other driver was transported to Westchester Medical Center, located in Valhalla. He was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, then released. The driver faces a drunk driving charge. He also faces charges of reckless driving and other misdemeanors.

He was also given a summons for traveling the wrong way while driving down the parkway. He was arraigned on the day of the accident in Irvington Village Court. He may be released on pending an appearance in Elmsford Village Court on Aug. 14.

Drivers facing a drunk driving charge may benefit from speaking with a criminal attorney. An attorney may work to build a defense by examining and challenging evidence like a blood alcohol test. He or she could challenge police procedures or the initial reason for the traffic stop. If the driver allegedly caused an accident, the attorney may investigate if other factors led to the crash like another driver’s error. At trial, the attorney may negotiate present evidence on behalf of the client. If the drunk driving charges result in a plea, then the lawyer could negotiate terms of a deal to minimize any penalties.

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