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When Police Are Called To Accident They Ask If Alcohol Involved

When Police Are Called To Accident They Ask If Alcohol Involved

Not all accidents draw the attention of local law enforcement officers. Some of them are simply small fender benders that involve the exchange of insurance information and a quick apology for the headache of having to get minor damage fixed. However, when an accident involves a car that has stalled, blocking traffic or one that involves even minor injuries, the police are called in New Jersey.

That was exactly what happened a couple weeks ago when officers were called to an accident scene in Lacey, New Jersey. A 41-year-old woman who resided in Forked River had been driving down Vaughn Avenue. When she approached Lacey Road, she attempted to turn left and accidentally collided with a second vehicle.

The injuries were reportedly very minor, but when police were called, they asked the usual questions about what happened and whether anyone was drinking. The police suspected that the woman had consumed an alcoholic beverage before getting behind the wheel. The police took the woman into custody.

She was later released after receiving a summons for DUI, reckless driving and for making an improper left turn, all related to the accident. It is unclear whether the officers conducted field sobriety tests, requested that the woman submit to a Breathalyzer test or took a blood sample for testing to determine whether she was in fact above the legal limit at the time.

Even when a blood alcohol test of any kind determines that a person was above the legal limit, it does not mean that the test was properly conducted or accurate. Those charged with a drunk driving offense should seek the assistance of an attorney who can assess their case.

Source: Lacey Patch, “Local Woman Charged with DUI After Lacey Road Accident,” Elaine Piniat, Feb. 8, 2013

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