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59 New Jersey Minors Cited For Underage Drinking

59 New Jersey Minors Cited For Underage Drinking

Teens will be teens and in this day and age most teenagers have tried alcohol despite it being illegal. Whether everyone does it or not, it is still against the law and when a teenager is cited for underage drinking, the consequences can be serious. Police are quick to write citations for juveniles that have consumed even a drop of alcohol.

One New Jersey party got out of control on a Friday night in October after 59 juveniles were taken into custody for underage drinking. The teenagers that were taken into custody were not the only ones allegedly drinking at the party. A handful of other teens suspected of participating in the consumption of alcohol fled the scene.

The party was organized and being thrown for a New Jersey student by her parents for her Sweet Sixteen. When one father of a student arrived to pick up his 14-year-old daughter from the rented home, he found her drunk and in the bushes outside the home. After removing her from the bushes, the father called the police.

The police arrived on scene to control the incident. The students that they arrested ranged in age from the youngest at 14 years of age and the oldest at 17 years. The parents of the birthday girl were at the home at the time and were arrested under suspicion of providing alcohol for the party. The parents’ representative made a statement that the drinking was occurring outside the house and without the knowledge of the parents.

Source: abclocal.com, “59 kids drinking at party, parents arrested,” Jen Maxfield, Oct. 11, 2011

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