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Juveniles Seek House Arrest Morristown Judge Denies Request

Juveniles Seek House Arrest Morristown Judge Denies Request

Teens make mistakes, and sometimes they are very serious ones with serious consequences. Last September two 17-year-old juveniles were accused of participating in a sex crime against a girl of the same age. After being charged, both of the boys have since turned 18. Now, they have requested house arrest, which would release them from a detention center, but the Morristown judge denied the request.

While both teens admitted that something occurred on that day, but questions remain as to what actually occurred. The incident allegedly occurred nearly one year ago in September and involved one other 19-year-old male, but a report of the incident was not made until eight months later this past May.

The version of events differs, but what remains consistent is that something occurred in a vehicle on the day in question. The four individuals had voluntarily showed up at a gathering in the area. Two of the biggest issues in the case remain whether there was consent or intoxication.

At one point in the investigation, the police asked the girl to call one of her alleged attackers and confront him about the incident over the phone while they listened in. It is unclear what was specifically said and how long the conversation lasted, but this is where the boy allegedly admitted that the incident occurred — although it is unclear what details he admitted were true.

Young adults, faced with a situation such as this one are most likely very frightened. A teen most likely will not know what to say and more importantly what could be used against them, what words could be twisted or what actions violate their rights. For inexperienced individuals it is even more important that they have experienced counsel in these matters.

Source: Daily Record, “Teens charged in Morristown sex attack denied house arrest,” Aug. 27, 2012

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