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New Jersey Boys Accused Of Using Cap Gun In Robbery

New Jersey Boys Accused Of Using Cap Gun In Robbery

Three boys in Jersey City were arrested after a woman claimed she was robbed in a downtown alley on Dec. 26. Police charged them with juvenile crimes including robbery, weapons offenses, and conspiracy. According to police, they had used a cap gun resembling a revolver to scare the woman. The woman said she was walking on Brunswick Street when she was approached by the three boys.

She said they pointed what appeared to be a silver revolver at her and told her to give them everything she had. The woman said she tossed her purse on the ground and the boys took it and ran away. Shortly after, police say they spotted a boy matching the description given by the woman at one location and two others at a second location. After a brief chase, the boys were taken into custody. A search revealed that one was carrying a cap gun.

Although the boys were taken to the juvenile bureau, they are could end up being charged as adults. The juvenile system is focused on rehabilitation of young offenders instead of punishment. However, when a young person is accused of a serious crime, they are often charged as adults.

A criminal defense attorney representing a juvenile offender often makes it a top priority to see that an accused is not charged as an adult. When charged as an adult, a young person accused of a crime could face the maximum sentence for the crime, which could mean years in prison. However, in the juvenile system, the young person would be eligible for many intervention programs and social services instead of jail time.

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