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Young New Jersey Adult Charged With Theft Of Snowboards

Young New Jersey Adult Charged With Theft Of Snowboards

For the younger generations, snowboarding has become a very popular sport. Although it is extremely popular, it can be very expensive. The equipment alone costs hundreds of dollars, and that is not even including the large cost of tickets for access to the ski areas where young adults can participate in the activity.

A 21-year-old young adult from New Jersey was arrested this week and accused of theft while out of town. The accusations and arrest were made at Blue Mountain Ski Area in Pennsylvania on Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 3, 2012.

According to the security staff working at the ski area at the time, they observed the young man near the snowboards and eventually saw him take one and then another. After the third snowboard was taken, the security team confronted the young man and apprehended him. The security staff then called in the state police in Lehighton.

When the state police arrived, they took the young man into custody. After an interrogation of an unknown length of time the young man admitted to taking the three snowboards from the ski area.

It is unclear if the young man invoked his right to an attorney prior to the interrogation. It is important that those charged with a crime understand this right. When under interrogation, many suspects become confused, feel intimidated or many other emotions that cause them to say things under pressure. An attorney can ensure that the right questions are asked and that the suspect does not say something that could harm him later.

Source: The Morning Call, “N.J. man charged in snowboard thefts at Blue Mountain,” Tracy Jordan, Jan. 3, 2012

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