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Man Suspected Of Robbing New Jersey Gas Station Arrested In Home

Man Suspected Of Robbing New Jersey Gas Station Arrested In Home

Although many of the crime-related news stories that are reported are about high profile officials, contain shocking details or include some kind of irony that grabs the curiosity of the reader. Those stories are chosen because, as human readers, we are interested in the dramatic.

The truth is that most people arrested and facing criminal charges each day are average people. They are our neighbors who made a mistake and became involved in an incident that may seem uninteresting enough to us. To them however, how their case is handled makes a world of difference. A common robbery recently occurred at a New Jersey gas station and now an 18-year-old young adult faces serious charges.

On Sept. 19, New Jersey police officers responded to a report that a Union Township gas station had occurred. The caller said that a young man had entered the station and took the approximately $600 that was at the station. The caller also said that the suspect brandished a handgun and at some point discharged a round that did not strike anyone. The young man fled from the scene.

The 18-year-old boy mentioned earlier became the focus of the theft investigation and was arrested this week at his home in Monroe County. Pocono Mountain Regional Police executed an arrest warrant and brought the young man into custody without incident. He now waits extradition to New Jersey.

The details may not contain a level of intrigue fit for most readers, but it is important that the young man receives a fair trial with the assistance of an experienced attorney. A robbery conviction could lead to large fines or incarceration. It not only could affect his immediate future, but it could even change so much more including his ability to find employment.

Source: PoconoNews.Net, “Suspect in New Jersey robbery arrested in Monroe County,” Dec. 9, 2011

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