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New Jersey Man Accused Of Theft And Burglary

New Jersey Man Accused Of Theft And Burglary

Morristown, New Jersey, residents have probably heard the saying that no good deed goes unpunished. This may be an overly cynical statement, but still there are some times when it seems to be valid. One New Jersey man may have had this kind of experience recently.

According to news reports, police received a call early on April 18 that a man was breaking into a car. A woman reported that the man, who was described as her ex-boyfriend, was in her unlocked car without permission. Police later encountered the man in his vehicle and stopped him.

According to police, the man explained that he was cleaning the interior of the woman’s car, and early in the morning was the only time he was able to accomplish this task. Police said that the man admitted taking a piece of paper from the car. He was charged with theft and burglary and released.

In this case, the situation seems pretty minor. There was no vandalism alleged, nor was the man accused of stealing the car or anything of great value from it. Still, a conviction of the charges alleged could have far reaching consequences for a person in this situation. Theft, for example, is punishable with jail time in addition to fines and other penalties.

Furthermore, a conviction means that the convicted person would have a criminal record. This could be problematic later when a person is searching for a job or for a place to live. It is advisable that a person in this situation familiarize themselves with all of the defense options available to them.

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