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New Jersey Man Sentenced In Yearlong Theft Ring

New Jersey Man Sentenced In Yearlong Theft Ring

A 33-year-old New Jersey man has been sentenced for leading an auto theft ring that was responsible for the theft of over 100 vehicles during a one-year period that were valued at over half-a-million dollars. The Middlesex County superior judge handed down a 15-year sentence in state prison.

In a plea agreement, the defendant had pled guilty to leading an auto theft trafficking network, promoting organized street crime, operating a facility for the sale of stolen automobiles and third-degree conspiracy. When commenting on the sentence, the judge stated that the defendant had deprived many hard-working people, like contractors, painters and electricians, of their livelihoods by taking their vehicles.

Between June 2012 and June 2013, the defendant focused on the theft of Honda passenger cars and contractor vans. It is believed that he stripped down the Hondas and sold the parts. He also sold the tools that were in the stolen contractor vans. In order to sell the vehicles, he forged titles for them. When the defendant was arrested, police found a scanner with a blank New Jersey title, dozens of modified vehicle titles, several laptops and stolen contractor tools.

Theft charges may result in fines and penalties. When a person is charged with misdemeanor or felony charges, an attorney may be able to review the details of his or her case, anticipate the actions of the prosecution and help to establish a defensive position. An attorney could also review the actions of the police during the arrest and the booking and make sure that the person’s rights have been maintained.

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