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Rapper Dmx Accused Of Robbery At Newark Gas Station

Rapper Dmx Accused Of Robbery At Newark Gas Station

When an individual or group are accused of a crime, these accusations could be very detrimental to the personal and professional life of the accused offender or offenders. Even if a suspect is not convicted, criminal allegations could result in a damaged reputation, especially if the accused is already in the public eye. This is why it is crucial that defendants take immediate steps to address these allegations in order to clear their name and protect their reputation.

According to recent reports, authorities in New Jersey are in the early stages of investigating the rapper DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, and his entourage regarding a robbery that took place at a gas station.

According to preliminary reports, the theft took place at an Exxon station located on the 600 block of Route 21 in Newark. The victim in this matter was robbed around 12:30 a.m. at the gas station and stated that he recognized the rapper as he approached him outside of the gas station. The victim claimed to have spoken to the rapper briefly about his rap music when a male in his entourage showed him a gun and demanded his money.

Roughly $3,200 in cash was taken from the victim. DMX and his entourage supposedly snatched his money and quickly left the scene in their black Cadillac Escalade. Reports indicate that the victim flowed the vehicle and was able to get the license plate number to report to investigators.

At the time of this report, it is unclear if the plate reported is associated with the rapper and whether the rapper has been questioned following the victim’s recent allegations. Because the rapper has a past criminal record, it will be important for him to develop a defense against the allegations in order to clear his name or reduce the consequences he could endure if charged with the crime.

Defendants accused of theft and robbery should understand that they are entitled to a criminal defense. Taking the steps to better understand the situation, what legal rights are afforded to defendant and what defense strategies are available could help a defendant reduce or avoid penalties for the crime they are accused of.

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