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Store Refunds Sought For Items Never Purchased Charges Filed

Store Refunds Sought For Items Never Purchased Charges Filed

A New Jersey resident is accused of attempting to return items that had never been paid for at an area store in four separate incidents. Now, charges against her have been filed.

A detective had been investigating three thefts that allegedly occurred at the store on Oct. 11, Oct. 29, and Nov. 24. Surveillance videos depicted an individual arriving at the store with no merchandise in hand. The individual would allegedly pick items off of the store shelves and then take them to the customer service desk. During the investigation, the store produced a number of receipts that suggested that the individual used a different name each time. Each time, the amount of the refunds sought added up to just less than $50.

Then, on Nov. 29, the same individual was refused a refund on merchandise that she was attempting to return. Video allegedly showed her leaving the store without paying for the items. She was taken into custody on Dec. 13, and she was released on her own recognizance after being charged with four counts of theft by deception. An initial appearance regarding the charges was scheduled for Sparta Municipal Court.

Theft by deception charges, especially when there are multiple counts, can potentially impact a person’s future in a variety of significant ways. An experienced criminal defense attorney who has a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system as it pertains to such charges may be able to help a client reduce the negative impact of such charges. The accused’s attorney may be able to present information regarding mitigating circumstances to the prosector in an effort to get the charges reduced. In some instances, a plea negotiation might resolve the matter so that the client can move forward in a constructive way.

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