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Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham Accuses Nj Airport Employees Of Theft

Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham Accuses Nj Airport Employees Of Theft

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey has seen millions of suitcases, boxes and other kinds of luggage transported through its halls for years. Although one of the largest complaints about airports seems to be that luggage tends to get lost, we less rarely hear about property theft.

Laura Ingraham, a public figure known for the political discussion on her radio talk-show blamed the Newark Airport for her missing jewelry. According to the theft report faxed to the Part Authority police, the talk-show host had approximately $11,000 worth of property stolen from the luggage she checked at the airport.

Ingraham was traveling with a number of valuable personal items including bracelets, necklaces, rings and a gold cross on a gold chain. The gold chain was allegedly blessed by the Pope at the Vatican, holding personal value after it was given to her at the Catholic baptism.

The radio host claims that she put the items into her suitcase and checked it in with Continental Airlines before her flight. Upon arrival, the luggage had apparently been rifled and the items were missing. Ingraham quickly came to the conclusion that one of the airport employees must have stolen the items. She faxed a theft report at approximately 7:20 in the evening on Saturday, July 16.

A spokesman for the airport reported that the Port Authority police are now investigating the incident. There are hundreds of people that could have come into contact with the luggage and there are many ways to explain the ruffled luggage including for security reasons, but the high-profile nature of the alleged victim could make this investigation a priority.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Laura Ingraham: Jewelry stolen at NJ airport,” 19 July 2011

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