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The Basics Of Identity Theft Charges

The Basics Of Identity Theft Charges

The world has changed a lot since the advent of the internet. People are able to access information like never before. They can shop, bank and work all without leaving the comforts of their home. While this is an advantage for most people, it has created more opportunities where people are voluntarily releasing small portions of their identity without actually being present. This could include entering a credit card number into a store’s website, or a social security number on an online form.

Despite the fact that other people may have unprecedented access to other people’s personal information, this doesn’t mean that they can use it. Many states across the country have taken steps to protect this personal identifying information. Using it can result in criminal charges. In particular, it can result in identity theft charges.

Identity theft is a type of fraud. Often it involves a person using the personal information of another, without the other person’s knowledge of consent. This personal information is often used for the financial gain of the other person. This information can include a person’s credit history, credit card numbers, PIN numbers, social security numbers and more.

Often this information is obtained in a variety of ways. It can be physically taken from a person through the mail, or by the theft of the person’s purse or wallet. It can also be taken by illegally accessing a person’s financial or government records. It can also be obtained in unsecured internet use. In any case, people using the information can face serious criminal charges.

These criminal charges can have serious consequences including prison and fines. An attorney may be able to help those facing charges for theft crimes including identity theft.

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