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Two Charged In New Jersey Crime Spree

Two Charged In New Jersey Crime Spree

New Jersey law enforcement personnel have located a man, 25, and a woman, 24, who were supposedly involved in a commercial burglary ring and suspect the pair of an April 4 burglary. The two face burglary and theft charges after $300 was taken from a business in East Windsor.

The ring used a number of people in nearly two dozen burglaries that used lookouts, drivers and thieves across the state in six counties. Two other people are also in custody, and other local jurisdictions will probably file additional charges.

On April 5, a salon owner in Franklin found her shop in disarray with product left everywhere and money missing from tip jars. The pair allegedly pried the back door open with a crowbar and took about $200 along with a personal computer. She knew the damages to the store could have been worse but was happy to hear that four people were arrested in the crime spree. She thought teens were committing crimes for drug money and was surprised to hear of the burglary ring. Now the two also face charges in Franklin for property crimes and a drug crime.

The man was also in custody for a probation violation, and authorities interviewed him for property crimes in the area. A 22-year-old man and another male were also arrested in connection with the burglaries. Local law enforcement personnel and the FBI coordinated efforts to bring the four into custody.

When accused individuals face more than one charge, they could receive consecutive sentences if convicted. A criminal defense attorney might be able to request mitigated charges and penalties.

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